Our people are passionate, driven, entrepreneurial-minded industry experts.

Our Values

At 3sharp, we are proud to foster an inclusive environment full of learning, creativity and fun. We look forward to coming to work every day because we love what we do. We work hard, but we also think it’s important to strike a good work-life balance, and to maintain a culture that reflects that view.


Help our customer grow and achieve their desired outcomes.


Customers always understand the actual situation, and are aware of all internal constraints.


We only win as a group: Team Members, Customers, Partners.


Our passion drives us—in our work, our learning, and our results.

The History of Us

3Sharp was created in 2002 by a trio of fantastical beasts. Their vision to provide unparalleled services to help companies succeed with technology set the stage for an awesome journey. Through the years we have honed in on the need for organizations to sell effectively through technical demos.

  1. 2002Founded
  2. 2002First major conference onsite support – Microsoft Global Business Conference
  3. 2003Launched first environment-population system for Microsoft Sales Field
  4. 2005First keynote support experience – Bill Gates keynote at Microsoft Global Briefing (MGB)
  5. 2008First major expo floor support team deployment: Microsoft Global Business Conference Device Bar
  6. 2010100th on-site conference support
  7. 2013One millionth eyeball reached at a live event
  8. 2014500th demo script created
  9. 2015100,000+ demo environments created in a single year
  10. 2016Expanded into Redmond Way offices

Our employees are at the heart of our business strategy and success.

Meet our Sharpies

At 3Sharp, we’ve built a solid reputation as trusted advisors, sharing our experience as Microsoft and SharePoint consulting experts. Our senior leadership is involved in every project from start to finish, helping to efficiently drive complex projects to their successful completion.

Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly

Founding Partner

Peter is a seasoned expert in demo construction, prototypes, and proofs of concept. With his vast experience and historical insight, he’s able to guide 3Sharp with a unified vision to success.

Fun Fact: Virtually unstumpable with movie quotes.

John Peltonen

John Peltonen

Founding Partner

John is a seasoned data architect with an expertise in cloud consulting and solutions, an expert at understanding customers’ technology needs—from both a conceptual and nitty-gritty development perspective.

Fun Fact: John + Scuba = <3

Ellen Ella

Ellen Ella

Head of HR

Ellen has driven our Sharpie culture to the next level.  She is extremely passionate about building programs that help both employees and businesses thrive.

Fun Fact: Friendliest hard-core competitive swimmer you will ever meet.

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