3Sharp TacTile: The Secret to Improving Your Office 365 User Experience

A source of frustration for many SharePoint users is difficulty trying to quickly find and access information, resources, and assets stored and compiled in its many separate lists and libraries. TacTile improves your users’ experience by presenting them with an accessible and intuitive entry point to your site.

What is an entry point?

Let’s look at this design principle in the form of an analogy from the real world.

Let’s say we have a home Do It Yourself project. We will need a few materials and tools, possibly some information on how to build our project, and potentially some advice on how to best accomplish our goals. When we walk into the home improvement center with its thousands of items, we are presented with logical groupings of what we might need or want to purchase. To help save us time and alleviate frustration, the designers of the store organize its contents into categorical groupings (e.g., bath, outdoors, paint, etc.) and, within those aisles, more logical groupings of like or applicable items such as tools, materials, and hardware. If we have questions, hopefully a friendly and knowledgeable person will help answer them. At the home improvement store’s entry point, we can orient ourselves and find what we’re after quickly.

With TacTile, we can easily architect information and content in a similar fashion. To extend the analogy above, we can think of a tile set as a department, and the tiles within as its aisles. Tiles can present us with the content and materials we need to access, while other tiles can present the tools needed to perform our tasks. Tiles can provide links to resources and related content, and other tiles can be used to access information from our peers for advice and collaboration. The things we need to accomplish our project goals are easily accessible in one location.

Entry Point

With a- well-designed and intuitive entry point, whether into a home improvement store or an Office 365 site, we can get on with the business of completing our project. After all, there are other things we’d rather do with our weekend.

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