Behind the scenes at the Office Developer Conference

This is a camera phone shot of what it looks like behind the large stage at the conference.  The left part is the “Green Room.“  That’s where I was hanging out yesterday while the keynote was going on.  You can just barely make out a TV through the screen.  At the time, I believe Mike Fitzmaurice was giving his SharePoint presentation.

This is a picture of the 'Green Room' I was waiting in before giving my Excel presentation. Don't ask me why they had orange lighting.

Before I was whisked away to the luxurious green room, I was hanging out in the speaker area with BJ Holtgrewe and John Durant. BJ showed us the demo he’s going to give on Friday and it is slick! Man, VSTO 2005 is impressive :^)

John also has a lot up his sleeve for his presentation today on Research Services. I’d recommend checking both of these presentations out!

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