Body Movin…

We are all putting in killer hours trying to ship a cool new Office solution that will show up on MSDN and all the other cool places.  It’s not as big as FabriKam, but in certain ways, it is much more complex and deep.  Anyway, we’re all working really hard on it.  Here are two events that just happened at our office (it’s currently 6pm and we’re warming up for the evening :^)

Right Now!
Devin called someone crafty.  Someone else started blasting She’s Crafty by The Beastie Boys
1/2 of us started break dancing in the halls (not necessarily pretty, but you never know).
The other 1/2 tried their best to pretend that nothing was out of the ordinary…

Just before hand
My email to the team:
Talk amongst yourselves and let me know when “you“ are hungry.
A reply:
Emails like this aren’t helping my our schizophrenia

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