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Taking the technical and making it practical with Technical Marketing.

Traditional Marketing doesn’t natively speak the technical language with the same fluency as engineers.  Marketers write from a marketer’s perspective rather than an engineer. On the other side of the spectrum, engineers don’t natively speak in the same marketing language that enables them to sell themselves and/or the product to generate sales leads.

To bridge this gap, its best to leverage Technical Marketing.

A great way to do this is by telling a technical marketing story. If an engineer is searching for a solution to a problem, and your story is about how your product solves that specific technical problem, you have an opportunity to teach them how to solve that problem with your product. Your technical marketing story will then be an effective marketing tool that will generate leads.

Technical Marketing

is any method of direct marketing focused on the specifications and key features of a product or tool, aimed toward granting customers a technological understanding.

Let’s look at an example. A company wants to market a line of advanced equipment, and the customer base already knows about the technical aspects of similar equipment (based on market research). The company should be able to create marketing materials that outline the technical specifications of the equipment. These are things such as how fast the equipment works, what temperatures it can safely handle, and how much electricity it consumes every hour. These aspects are more important to the company’s customers than simple branding.

The term Technical Marketing has also been used to define any use of modern technology as a marketing tool. So, to tie those together, a  firm can leverage market research data and bring in the deep technical knowledge they learn from the product team about the technical aspects of the product. Then, a marketing team can then create the right technical marketing materials for the product and place them in strategic media channels.