Building Permit Application Solution: Archival Policy

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This is the fifth installment in a series about the building permit application, an end-to-end solution built entirely with the 2007 Microsoft Office release. The previous post described how routing logic was developed with SharePoint Designer. This post focuses on the creation of an archival policy.

In the building permit application solution, there is an action in the SharePoint Designer workflow to copy approved forms to an Archived Building Permit Applications document library. That library has an archival policy associated with it so that any new form is automatically converted to a specified image file format (for example, PNG). The image file will then reside in the document library along with the form.

In order for any form conversions to execute, you must start two services from SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration: the Document Conversions Load Balancer Service and Document Conversions Launcher Service. These services are not started by default. You can start both from the Services on server page of the Operations tab in Central Administration, shown in the following figure:

In addition to starting the conversion services, you will need to enable document conversions for the SharePoint site. Site-level document conversion is enabled from the Document conversions page of the Application Management tab in Central Administration.

After starting the services and enabling site-level document conversion, you can enable form conversion for archiving in the settings page of your document library. An archival policy can be defined from the Information management policy settings page, as is the case with the Archived Building Permit Applications document library. In the Form Conversion for Archiving section, you just need to check the option to Enable Form Conversion for Archiving. The default image file format (PNG) can be changed as shown in the following figure:

One last item that I wanted to highlight in this series about the building permit application solution is reporting. In my next and final post for this series, I will show how easy it is to create a key performance indicator (KPI) against site collection data.


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