Building SharePoint Applications with InfoPath 2010

Microsoft just published another one of my articles, this one titled Building SharePoint Applications with InfoPath 2010. Because this article was rather lengthy, it was divided into two parts:

  1. Part 1 — This part starts with a decision tree on whether to use InfoPath 2010 or some other form technology (for example, ASP.NET Web forms). Assuming you opt for InfoPath, the part then compares the form library and list templates. While not exhaustive, this part also highlights many features, tips, and tricks for optimizing your SharePoint application, including some for integration with a SharePoint Designer workflow.
  2. Part 2 — This part applies the best practices learned in Part 1 by building a simple hardware request solution. Make sure you click the Download code link at the top of the page to download the hardware request form template.

For those of you who need to build SharePoint applications that use InfoPath and are looking for hands-on documentation, please give this article a read…

4 thoughts on “Building SharePoint Applications with InfoPath 2010

  1. Hi DavidThis is a great blog post. Is it possible to download the source code, so we can understand and play with it ourselves. Please email me the zip file if possible. Would you be interested to help my company with some InfoPath 2010/SharePoint 2010/C# work? Thanks

  2. Are you aware of any major stumbling blocks with using InfoPath 2010 to create and publish InfoPath 2007 forms to SharePoint 2007? Our developer is setting up a new machine, and needs to be able to write managed code for the InfoPath forms. However, to do that with IP 2007, he would have to downgrade his Visual Studio to a version that generated the appropriate IP template file. He has asked if he could use IP 2010 but use the backwards compatibility to IP 2007. Any thoughts on potential problems?

  3. Hi, Larry.I have never published an InfoPath 2010 form to a 2007 server, so I am not sure if you will run into any problems there. Assuming you can publish to a 2007 server, the biggest stumbling block will be with users that still have InfoPath 2007 installed on their machines. If you allow the users to access the form template in the client, InfoPath 2007 users will not be able to open form templates published with InfoPath 2010. If, however, the form will be accessed only in the browser, those users will not encounter this compatibility issue.I hope this helps…Regards,David

  4. Hi,David!
    You are a great person! really! i have never touched the Infopath before! But when i learned your article about “Building SharePoint Applications with InfoPath 2010” i think i can try it ! but the way i have no code experience! And my mother language is Chinese! So i think you are a great teacher not just a great technique engineer!
    many many thanks from China!

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