CLT 110 – Developing XML Solutions with Excel

Thanks to everyone for attending my Excel presentation!  I was absolutely psyched to see such high turnout. 

To get something up here quickly for you guys, I’m going to dump my unformatted deck (complete with spelling errors, incorrect grammar, and embarrassing phrases).  Later, I’ll switch it with the edited version once I download it from the conference network :^)

Check back here later in the week for my sample code and some VSTO 2005 screenshots of stuff that I just couldn’t show due to time constraints. 

One thought on “CLT 110 – Developing XML Solutions with Excel

  1. John,

    you are a great speaker and your presentation was very live, entertaining and useful. It was the first presentation that I have attended for the day. I have visited three more after yours and the contrast was so sharp that I have left the conference and returned home on Wednesday. But the content of your presentation alone was well worth the travel time for me. Thanks!


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