Content Type Book Corrections

I would like to thank everyone who has purchased our book Building Content Type Solutions in SharePoint 2007 (all three of you ☺). In a previous lifetime, I was a copy editor at a daily newspaper. That experience helped me to notice a few things that were slightly “off” when re-reading my own work. So, in an effort to bring you the highest quality of reading material, I want to point out the following corrections in the first printing:

  • Page 48, first paragraph, ninth line – It should read “The New Site Column page allows you to define a site column…”. The “to” is missing. I know that is a picky catch, but I am a picky person.
  • Page 55, second line of the note – The name of the Office Word 2007 document template that is available at is Performance_Appraisal.docx. Note the “_” character between “Performance” and “Appraisal”.
  • Page 89, first paragraph, fourth line – It should read “…which will be displayed in the date picker content control…”. The AppraisalDate column is mapped to a date picker content control, not a plain text content control.
  • Page 122, first paragraph, third line – It should read “…can contain a hard-coded link to the appraiser document library…”. In the email message body, we provide a link to the library, not the appraisal document.

Hopefully, these and other minor errors will be cleaned up in subsequent book printings.

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