Does he ever shut up?

I’m about to be really busy on the lecture circuit.  It all starts this Friday with a speech at Microsoft’s Envision conference about Office System solution architectures, Smart Clients and Service Oriented Architectures.  The biggest challenge – Trying to condense this into a 60 minute talk!

Then, Feb 2nd through 4th, I’ll be speaking again on Office System solution architectures and Excel’s XML programmability support at the Office System Developer Conference at Microsoft (If you saw me speak at TechEd on Excel, it will be similar but with more code and less UI focus). 

Finally, in March, I’ll be touring the US on a road show that I really can’t talk about yet but will focus heavily on the MS Collaboration offerings, most importantly Office and SharePoint.

Oh, I almost forgot that two day web cast for trainers on Office System development a week from now. 

Hopefully I’ll see some of you at an event.  If you come, bring hot tea. I think my voice will need all the help it can get :^)

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