FabriKam is shipping!

Well, we finally got FabriKam out of the door!  I used to know the numbers (almost all of our development was finished last year around this time) but I can tell you that it represents:

  • Over 3 years of developer time (assuming 40 hour work weeks)

  • 20,000+ lines of managed code

  • 600 pages of documentation

  • Obviously a strong use of Office System (lots of emphasis on InfoPath and SharePoint)

  • Strong use of Back Office (BTS 04, SQL2K w/SQL XML)

It’s not perfect, but we’re definitely proud of it.  Now it is yours to enjoy and learn from!

4 thoughts on “FabriKam is shipping!

  1. Awesome. We’ve been waiting for a long time for this and I’m sure it will be worth it. Of course it would be good to download it rather than having to order a CD 😉

  2. Thanks Bill! I hope it can live up to the hype :^) There is such a huge reliance on infrastructure that we went the VPC route. When FabriKam arrives, you will have a virtual machine with everything installed and functioning!

  3. In working through the Technical Manual demo it blew up when I tried to submit the form. The error received is cannot submit the form saying the site already exists. I was using the data from the example in the book logged on as CathernB. After looking at the code tried it as BrianC and it worked fine. Logged back in as Catherine and it allowed me to submit the form. Anyone else experiencing problems?

  4. Hi Brian,

    I think this is a time out issue (due to lack of resources for the VPC). My guess is that this was on your second attempt at submitting the form (after an error on submit on the first attempt). I think that the web service just took too long to do its work and InfoPath just timed out. Hence, the second time around, you got a new error. If you go to the SharePoint site list (as specified in the documentation), can you see the site?

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