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Since I’m on a FabriKam kick here at TechEd, I figured I’d post tips as they came up.  Tip number one is – Don’t log in as administrator!

Instead, login as BrianC.  We use the Active Directory to store the org chart info for FabriKam as well as some custom stuff such as signing authority for budgets and expense reports.  Naturally, the admin account doesn’t have any of these settings configured.  However, BrianC is both a full-fledged employee and an administrator.  

Tip number one point five: Everyone’s password in FabriKam is P@ssw0rd.

5 thoughts on “FabriKam Tip

  1. Everyone’s password in FabriKam is P@ssw0rd unless you have a non-US keyboard… You need to figure out how to get the ‘@’ when what you’re typing is hidden in the password box.

  2. I will confess that these are not localized solutions. However, I’m a bit confused about the pwd probs. Tell me more. Is it that the keyboard in question doesn’t have an ‘@’ symbol?

  3. Well, FabriKam VPC settings are configured for US keyboards. When you log on the first time and you have a UK keyboard, you need to type P"ssw0rd as password. The ‘@’ is not a the same position on every keyboards.
    I took me a few minutes to figure out why I couldn’t log in. The fact you don’t see the password you’re typing doesn’t help…

    Or is there a way to change the keyboard settings before logging in the first time ?

  4. As a trainer, one of the biggest complaints students have is that the labs are always setup to work with administrative access. With the Techmanual demo, I tried to access the routing component as CatherineB but received an error message stating that she did not have permission. I am in the process of debugging and rewriting, but it seems that a lot of the demos work as BrianC (network admin, SPS_admin, etc.) but do not allow site administrators access.

    In general, is there a site or newsgroup where these demos are being discussed?

  5. Ah, actually that is a good security issue :^) Only the document library owner can configure routing. If you created your tech manual site as Brian, then Catherine can not configure routing. If you created the site as Catherine, Brian can not configure routing, even though he is an admin!

    As far as recoding goes, please do this! Our goal was always to help people along in creating their own solutions, not to provide perfect solutions.

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