Feature Cut: Form Conversion for Archiving

A short time ago I wrote about the form conversion for archiving feature in the 2007 Microsoft Office release Beta 2. I mentioned how this feature allows you to create an archival policy for a document library that converts an InfoPath form file into a specified image file format (EMP, PNG, or TIFF). Well, for those of you who have had a chance to play around with the 2007 release Beta 2 Technical Refresh, you can see that this feature is no longer available. Document conversions are still possible, as you can start the Document Conversions Launcher Service and Document Conversions Load Balancer Service. However, the Form Conversion for Archiving section of the Information Management Policy Settings page has been removed.

I have not seen any official announcements about the feature cut from Microsoft, although I suspect that someone might mention it on one of the MSDN blogs in the next month or so. In any event, it is up to us to develop some custom converters for form archiving…

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