Get your Groove On

I started using Groove in early 2002.  My team was doing *a lot* of traveling and Groove’s shared workspace feature was a god-send to us, replicating our docs to everyone’s desktop.  Unfortunately, back then, Groove was a bit of a a resource hog.  It would bring my very expensive laptop to its knees, at which point the laptop would actually speak to me, asking me to just pull the plug and end its misery (it was under such duress that it apparently forgot about its internal battery).

Fast-forward to last night. I was talking with a VP of a large international company.  His biggest complaint about out of the box functionality of the Office System Suite: lack of compelling offline functionality.  We’ve got plenty of solutions for him (and things are just going to get better with VSTO 2005 and Office 12), but his complaint is valid.  Some of his international sales reps are lucky if their power feed is working, let alone connectivity.

Present day: After booting up at the coffee shop this morning, I received 5 IMs in succession from different sources, all chastising me for not reading the news, OZ feed, etc and learning that Microsoft is acquiring Groove!  I’ve been meaning to get back to Groove, especially with its SharePoint support, and this announcement certainly serves as an excellent catalyst for me! 

I’m also really excited to see that Microsoft is going to make Ray Ozzie CTO.  The guy is a master (although his blog could use an update!).   Aside – wouldn’t it be interesting if MS rolled Groove into Outlook?  Ray would come full circle ;^)

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