Hosting an InfoPath Form in a Custom Web Page

The much-hyped building permit application solution, which was featured in John Peltonen‘s Tech·Ed 2006 demo and will be presented as an instructor-led lab later this month at TechReady3, includes a feature that has not been discussed in great length but has been sought after by developers for a long time. The feature, having a Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 form hosted in a custom Web page, is used at the beginning of the demo—when the applicant first provides building project information. The building permit application form is rendered within an XmlFormView ASP.NET control on the Web page, as shown in the following figure:

Greg Enslow actually did most of the grunt work to get the custom Web page set up and working. If only he and I knew that Microsoft would have a technical article on the subject published, just days after the Tech·Ed and TechReady3 virtual machine deadlines… 😉

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