InfoPath Forms for Mobile Web Browsers

The 2007 Microsoft Office release has built-in support for running InfoPath forms in a mobile Web browser. Granted, there are limitations to the form behavior. For instance, all formatting and layout in views are ignored, and controls such as the rich text box, option button, and section are not supported. Still, the fact that InfoPath form data can be submitted from mobile devices opens up a broad range of user scenarios.

You can enable form templates for rendering on a mobile device from the Form Options dialog box. Within the Browser category, click the option in the Mobile Devices section.

You can add managed code to your form solution so that a specific view is displayed depending on the environment in which the form is running. For example, your template may have a view that is to be displayed only when the form is accessed from a mobile Web browser. By adding the following code to the Loading event of your form solution, you can set the default view—in this case, a view named Mobile View—that is to be displayed when the form opens in a mobile environment.

public void FormEvents_Loading(object sender, LoadingEventArgs e)
    if (Application.Environment.IsMobile)
        e.SetDefaultView("Mobile View");

A form template that is used in a mobile Web browser scenario must be admin-deployed, meaning it must be uploaded to InfoPath Forms Services and then activated to a site collection. Once deployed, users can access the form template on a mobile Web browser with the URL http://<server name>/_layouts/mobile/mobileFormServer.aspx?xsnlocation=/formservertemplates/<form name>.xsn.

5 thoughts on “InfoPath Forms for Mobile Web Browsers

  1. I have published a form template to the server, and I could submit and review it in browser. I could also fill out a new form in mobile device. But when I tried to access the filled form via a mobile device, namely, access the url "/<servername>/claim/m", I could get the list and display the item. But when I clicked the item, it always said"This form template cannot be rendered in the browser because it is not administrator-approved. " Is it true that I can only fill out the form in mobile device and cannot review it?

  2. Hi, Rock.

    You must admin-deploy form templates that are to be rendered in a mobile Web browser, whether the form template contains code or not. To review existing form files in a mobile Web browser, you can use the URL http://<server name>/_layouts/mobile/mobileformserver.aspx?xmllocation=/<library name>/<form file name>.xml.

    I hope this helps…


  3. Did you try the URL without the OpenIn parameter? On my mobile emulator, it is not required. If that doesn’t work, then I would need to see your installation to offer more suggestions…

  4. David, thanks a lot. The OpenIn parameter was added automatically, but in the mobile browser it will be "OpenIn = PreferClient". I have tried to remove the parameter, it did not work. My WSS 3.0 was upgraded from 2.0, and then installed a form server on it.

  5. Hi David,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I had admin-deployed the form template, and the url was like yours. I have inputed the url in IE, and got the same result.

    Any advice?


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