Integrating BizTalk HWS with InfoPath

My technical article regarding integration between Human Workflow Services (HWS) and InfoPath has been posted to MSDN. You can take advantage of features in InfoPath SP1 to integrate HWS, which is part of BizTalk Server 2004, with your forms to create workflow solutions. This article has tips for developing a BizTalk orchestration when InfoPath is the target client application, and it also identifies some best practices for designing an InfoPath form solution around HWS.

2 thoughts on “Integrating BizTalk HWS with InfoPath

  1. I’d like to develop a application using BTS 2004 / Human workflow services
    and ASP.NET. The Requirements are

    Our Employees will apply the leave through this workflow. Each leave request
    needs to get Approval from his/her manager. Approval level will be 2-3
    Levels, its depending on the employee roles.

    Give me your solutions with HWS.

    Note: Applicatio will be WEB BASED APPLICATION.

  2. If you are requesting some consulting work to be done, we can discuss that offline. We have plenty of InfoPath and BizTalk expertise here at 3Sharp, and I am sure we can help you with your solution. However, if you are just looking for some pointers, you should check out Rick Severson’s InfoPath-HWS WebCast at Rick is a Software Test Engineer at Microsoft and provided a lot of information for my technical article.

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