Introducing 3Sharp TacTile: Your Key to Higher Productivity

Today, we are excited to announce 3Sharp TacTile, our rebranded service offering that brings the live tile framework for SharePoint to your fingertips.

Since our initial engagement with Microsoft, where we developed this modern productivity platform as a SharePoint accelerator, the live tile framework has evolved into a true modern user interface that includes responsive design. With our latest updates, the framework enables you to get the most out of your Office 365 and SharePoint investments by solving some major pain points for users, including:

  • Surfacing relevant content logically from a single portal page
  • Accessing content easily from any device

In as little as two to three weeks, a 3Sharp TacTile engagement can get you connected to the framework, so you can start enjoying some of these benefits quickly. Your SharePoint users will be happier and more productive.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to schedule a demo by booking a 30-minute call. You can also get more information by downloading our solution brief.

We look forward to moving your SharePoint implementation into the spotlight!

One thought on “Introducing 3Sharp TacTile: Your Key to Higher Productivity

  1. Awesome to see this announcement. I’ve seen 3Sharp Tactile in action, and I was surprised how quickly it can be set up an how intuitive it is to use. Good stuff!

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