Kick-Back Friday: Productivity and Foosball

With so many ideas and advice on how to kickstart work productivity, it’s hard to choose just one that works. Sometimes it takes a combination of ideas to skyrocket you into that elusive productivity.

Let me throw another tried-and-true idea into the mix: foosball.

You read that correctly. Our Sharpies thrive on playing foosball whenever they have downtime; we even have a foosball table in our break room. See some the team in action below:


The important component of this tip is having a big enough table. Let’s forget the puny, normal-size ones. Our dream foosball table stretches out as far as the eye can see, with countless shiny handles. It’s a productivity-boosting dream (or nightmare?)…

awant-vs-need-10(Picture from The Chive.)

Try it. Tell us if it works, or share your own tried-and-true productivity tips.

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