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I need to finish my presentations for the Office Developer Conference next week here in Seattle but instead I’m procrastinating by browsing through the other presentations.  I’m seriously debating leaving my office for three straight days (unheard of) and spending the 2nd through 4th camped out at Microsoft taking in all of that Office goodness.  There’s so much content here.  In addition to the basics: lots of VSTO 2005, Lots of SharePoint development, Lots of InfoPath with a fair amount of Word and Excel thrown into the mix, there’s an additional architecture tract, which I am particularly interested in.  The track runs the gamut from Smart Client development to Service Oriented Architectures.  Office development really has come a long way :^)


Here are a few presentations I’m planning on attending along with the time slot and the speaker (I link to the speaker’s blog if I know about it):

Wednesday 10:30 – Programming Excel XML Solutions (John Peltonen)
I have to be here for this one, because I’m giving it!  My presentation will be like the one I gave at TechEd but with less SharePoint integration and even more coding :^)

Wednesday 11:45 – Programming Word XML Solutions (Brian Jones)
XML Support in Word is Brian’s baby and I love talking to him about it (or just hearing him talk)!

Wednesday 2:00 –  Understanding Microsoft Office Smart Client Applications:  Architecture, Patterns, Scenarios (David Hill)
We worked a bit with David Hill when we were designing our Smart Client for generico and I’m definitely not done learning from him!
Update: It looks like I’ll be doing some of this presentation as well.  Watch for the first ever demo of our Office Smart Client!

Wednesday 5:00 – Building Complete SharePoint Site Solutions: Site Definition Design and Deployment (Mike Ammerlaan)
I’m a big fan of all of us starting to think in terms of holistic solutions.  Let’s see what SharePoint presents!

Thursday 2pm – Live Communications Server and Windows Messenger Architecture and Automation (Kyle Marsh)
We’re starting to do a bit more work with LCS and I’ve gotta get up to speed :^)

Thursday 3:30pm – Developing InfoPath Forms using Managed Code (David Gerhardt)
I work with Dave at 3Sharp.  He is an InfoPath hotshot who has been working with it since before it was called InfoPath! 

Friday 3:30pm – Office Solution Architecture in the FabriKam Learning Platform (John Peltonen)
I’ll be talking about InfoPath, Smart Documents, Smart Clients, Service Agents, BizTalk, SQL, XML, SQLXML, WSS and More!!!
What’s best is that every single thing I talk about/example I give is will be available for you to download/order!  My goal is to present our solutions in terms of a holistic “Office System“ solution, instead of a solution covering a specific aspect of the technology.

Friday 5:00pm – Writing Secure Code (David LeBlanc)
You can never know enough about this!

2 thoughts on “Kid in a Candy Store

  1. Wednesday 10:30 – Programming Excel XML Solutions (John Peltonen)
    Good presentation. The demos and coding were very helpful and informative. Think l liked it more than your one at Tech Ed. Would have preferred more C# instead of Vb, but oh well. Are they/you going to post the recording?


  2. Thanks Derek!

    I’ll post the deck and sample code sometime tonight (maybe tomorrow am :^)

    I’ll have to check with the ppl running the conference to see if/where the recordings will end up.

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