Let’s meet three weeks from now

About 20 people have beaten me to this, but I can’t resist talking about it.  As Julie and Steve mentioned, a few of us were sitting around Redmond earlier in the week at an event where certain PMs and Dev’s were kind enough to let us ask them random questions.  One of the responses shocked us all.  It went something like, “Well, don’t forget to take into account the complexity of the Outlook controls.  For example, take the outlook date control.”  We all stared blankly.  It seemed like a normal date control to all of us.  They continued, “now type ‘one week before Christmas’ into it.” 

We were all flabbergasted.

To respond directly to Julie’s comment, “I’m quite proud that I beat out the other bloggers next to me in announcing (or, rather, publically shaming myself for not knowing) this feature.” I can personally attest to the fact that not only did she blog this while the conversation was still going on, she was certainly happy that she beat the rest of us to the punch 🙂

3 thoughts on “Let’s meet three weeks from now

  1. Yeah – I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone type so fast! BTW – I was wondering when we’d finally see another post from you. Long time no see in blog land! Let me be the first to welcome you back. 🙂

  2. Steve – heh, yeah. It’s been an embarrassingly long time. Although, if you note my appointment, you’ll see that I’m actually three weeks ahead of schedule 🙂

    Julie – Ah yes, the beauty of pictures.

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