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Here’s an easy way to load Excel data into a SharePoint list. In this example I’m using SharePoint Online.

  1. Here I have a table of sample data in Excel.ExcelImport-1
  2. Click the SharePoint gear icon and select Site Contents.
  3. Click add an app.ExcelImport-2
  4. Click the Import Spreadsheet app.ExcelImport-3
  5. Give your new list a name. Then browse to the location of your spreadsheet, and click Import.ExcelImport-4
    Note: if you see this warning message you will need to add the SharePoint site to your list of Trusted Sites in IE.ExcelImport-4a
  6. The import dialog will appear, select a Range Type and then select your desired range.ExcelImport-5
  7. You will be prompted in Excel to sign in to SharePoint online.ExcelImport-6
  8. And it’s that simple! SharePoint has created a list based on my Excel data.ExcelImport-7
    SharePoint even selects the appropriate column type!ExcelImport-8

I hope this post helps when you need to get data from Excel into SharePoint fast!

Until next time!

Check out some of our newer blog posts

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