With Office 365 available to the general public for almost eight months now, a few of us at 3Sharp have been diligently promoting the benefits of moving to a cloud environment. Of course, with any new offering, the entire set of functionality does not always smell like roses. One area that has been a particular concern, especially to architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) firms, is the maximum file upload size in SharePoint Online. With the SharePoint 2010 on-premise product, you can increase the maximum file upload size to 2047MB, which is typically plenty for large drawings. However, this setting is capped in SharePoint Online at 250MB, for both small businesses and enterprises.

A 250MB limit can still work, even for files that exceed the maximum amount. For some AEC companies with which we have had contact, it is sufficient to store large drawings offline but manage the metadata for those files in SharePoint Online. Still, it is important to be aware of this limit and the types of files from your users before choosing between the on-premise and cloud environment.