More Office 2010 Videos

Earlier this month, five more Office 2010 feature videos that we produced were posted to YouTube. These same videos are up on GetSharp as well…

  • Office Mobile 2010 Meeting Reply
  • OneNote 2010 Shared Notebooks (former 3Sharpie Devin Ganger actually produced this one)
  • Outlook 2010 Quick Steps
  • PowerPoint 2010 Transitions
  • Word 2010 View/Edit in Browser

The Word video calls out the new Web Apps feature, which is also available in Office 2010 for Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint. Now you can view and/or edit these documents directly in the browser.

6 thoughts on “More Office 2010 Videos

  1. Hello David, Excuse me to bother you again. I have an vacation system on Sharepoint based on your “Time-Off Request”. However, I’m encountering some problem lately probably due to the system/software upgrading to Office 2010. So, when a request is submitted, the file will be copied to the other document library, but the copied file in the “Time-off Request Status library” is always missing some data, such as start date & return date. I tried to fix it by creating a new Time-off system and the same problem still remains. Have you ever encountered problem like this after you started using Office 2010? I’m wondering how I can fix this issue?Thank you so much!p.s. I’m forced to use Office 2010…not sure if it’s actually InfoPath 2010 that’s creating this issue…

  2. Hi, Lauryn.Yes, the forced upgrade probably created your problem. The first two things I would check are that:1. Both the “Time-Off Request” and “Time-Off Request Status” libraries are using the same content type (and thus the same site columns).2. The SharePoint Designer workflows associated with these libraries do not contain any errors (which sometimes happens after an upgrade).I hope this helps.Regards,David

  3. Hello David,1. Yes. both of the document libraries are using the same content type. 2. the workflows are both associated as I created a new one instead of fixing the old one…Hmmm…I think what I’d try to do is just to use only the “Request Status” library to avoid the item copy problem. ’cause it’s apparently the system bug I can’t fix… 🙁

  4. Hi David,hmm…the 2 things u mentioned above, here is my response:1. Yes. both of the libraries are using the right & same site content type.2. in stead of fixing the old one, I created a new one after the system upgrade. so the workflows have no error…One thing I found weird is, I’ve tried to use only “Off Request Status” library for the new request file. However, when the file saves, the data remains, and just right after the first workflow(in this case, i’ve only have “Send email” action), all the “date” data is missing(Such as the Off Start & Off Return). So I’m guessing it’s actually not the action – copy list item caused the problem. Somehow, it’s probably the workflow in Sharepoint desinger 2007 occurred the problem? Anyways, I’m installing sharepoint workspace now, and will try again later once it’s finished installing.

  5. Hello David, So, I’ve created a new site with Sharepoint 2010 & edited everything in Sharepoint desinger 2010 as well. The bug is finally fixed. As for the old sharepoint portal. The IT only claimed it’s impacted by the update…oh well. 😐

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