My Progression to the T-Mobile SDA

It was both with trepedation and excitement that I decided to ditch my long term goal of buying an integrated PDA and Phone and step down in both size and functionality to my little T-Mobile SDA. 


Prior to the SDA, I owned an AT&T monstrosity that was purchased through Amazon and was promptly returned.  <rant>Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize that I also had to let AT&T know that I returned the phone sticking me with a 1 year contract that I’m still trying to get out of – nice customer service AT&T</rant>  Anyway, after that, I went to the HP6315, a phone that I truly thought was the answer to all of my prayers.  In fact, I practically camped out at the local CompUSA.  I’m guessing the sales people either felt a general sense of pity or perhaps they were getting anoyed with me, but in either case, they ended up selling it to me about a week before they were actually supposed to go on sale.  My exhuberance slightly sullied by the need to reboot after pretty much any task.  Even with that “minor” hickup, I still loved my phone.  The fact that I could watch movies, use a reasonably functional voice command system along with a bluetooth headset, do mail, manage all of my tasks (Go David Allen!), etc… really rocked.  I was, like Al Franken as the One-Man Mobile Uplink Unit reporter.  Unfortunately, I’d carry this bohemouth in my pocket which would either weigh down my pants and/or look like I was carying around my pet rock.  (un)fortunately, I dropped it a few months ago, shattering the screen.  So Paul Robichaux was kind enough to lend me his $1200 JasJar.  Why the man was willing to lend me this after I just smashed up my own PDA/Phone is behond me, but after just 1 month in my pocket, this is what I did to it while lugging around the server running BillG’s keynote demo at this year’s Office Dev Con.



This brings us to about two months ago (yes, it is true, I went ahead and kept on using the JasJar with the smashed screen.  It mostly workd.

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