Office 12 Developer Labs at PDC

If you’re at the PDC, be sure to check out the developer labs for Office 12.  A few of us at 3Sharp along with Charles Maxson of Office Zealot fame and Scott Jamison put together a bunch of quick (20-30min) introductions to various new features of the Office apps (Word, Excel, Ppt, InfoPath, etc) from a dev perspective.  The beauty is that they won’t take a whole lot of time, so you could conceivably cram a bunch of them in between sessions. (If you’ve been expecting to hear from me and haven’t, it’s because we were neck deep trying to ship these in time!)

Be sure to let David Gerhardt know if you like them as he ran the project 🙂  

As always, if you are at the conference, it would be a sin not to stop by the cabanas (assuming it is set up anything like TechEd) to talk with the various PMs.  This is your best chance to a) figure out where they are driving Office and b) influence the direction.  You are literally talking to the spec writers!

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