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  1. Dear David,Excuse me to post it here, but the contact form doesnt seem to work. it kept telling me there’s something wrong with the mail server.I’m following the steps in the article of Time-off series. However, i’m encountering one problem of “Employee Name drop-down list box control”. I follow all the steps for the drop-down list box control. In your description, it’s supposed to be like when i select the employee name, the employee’s manager name & email will be shown in the request form as well, but mine just doesnt work at all! :(what i did is, i added a rule in Drop-Down List Box Properties dialog box of the employee name’s entry box, and added 2 actions to the rule. one action is for employee(as instructed on the internet), and the other one is for manager(followed by the step 3-16 of employee, but changed the “EmployeeName” to “ManagerName” & “EmployeeEmail” to “ManagerEmail”. Not sure which step i did wrong. Could you please help me? thanks!

  2. Dear David,I’ve tried it again. this time I restart all part 3 steps by “Create a new custom template.” However, same problem still exists… :(I’m not sure if i’ve done it right in these steps, would you please check it for me? thanks!1. in the “Rule” dialog box, I added 2 actions.2. one Action is for EmployeeName & EmployeeEmail (followed the instructions in your post)3. another Action is for ManagerName & ManagerEmail (followed the instructions in your post as well, just changed EmployeeName to ManagerName & EmployeeEmail to ManagerEmail)4. the actions i added are as below: 1) Set a field’s value: EmployeeEmail = @Employee_Email[@Employee = EmployeeName] 2) Set a field’s value: ManagerEmail = @Manager_Email[@Manager = ManagerName]So, this is what i did for the rule to the “Employee Name drop-down list box control”…but when I select the Employee Name in the Word format form, the data entry for Employee Name & Employee Email works fine. It’s just the data entry for Manager Name & Manager Email is still blank…I guess I probably made a mistake for the drop-down list box control, but I just dunno where…Could you please help me to check? thanks!

  3. Lauryn:In my post, the manager and manager email are set in the same rule as the one that sets the employee email. You just need to add actions similar to the one for the employee email to that one rule.Regards,David

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