Office Course (of course)

I just finished up two grueling days at MS Studios, recording a bunch of content for an Office Development course.  Dave, Charles and I all had to give sessions, with lucky me being last on the list ;^).  I think the content we recorded was more for “train the trainer” types of things, but I believe the course will eventually go on a road show.  It’s 3 days long and covers lots of basics: VSTO (v1 and v2 (btw, V2 ROCKS)), Research Services, ISmartDoc programming, XML support in Word and Excel, oodles of IBF and, of course, InfoPath.  It was fun to cover all of the topics like that.

I’d say that it was just as fun to wander around MS Studios when I wasn’t recording.  Besides the XBoxes out in the hallways to play, they’ve got some pretty cool recording studios.  For example, I wandered into this one soundstage that looked just like someone’s living room.  Another had three gigantic plasma screen tv’s lined up side by side.  I can only imagine what they needed those for ;^)

Anyway, it’s nice to get back to the office (it was cold in the studio).

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