Office Zealot Podcast #6 is Live

I just thought that Charles and Chris were calling to say “Hi.”  Little did I know they were secretly recording the call!

In the latest OZ Podcast, Podcast #6, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by these two Office masters.  They let me ramble on about my theories of Office development and some of the large publicly available Office 11 solutions that 3Sharp has done – FabriKam and GeneriCo: what they are, how to use them what was hard and what is cool :^)

At they end of the interview they asked me where people should go for more info.  I, showing my inability to think on my feet, couldn’t come up with much.  So here’s a new list:

a) The Office Zealot blog feed (duh). This feed is the best single source of information out there for up to the minute development information about the entire Office suite! The only catch is that it can be a bit overwhelming.  I subscribe to the main feed with Newsgator so that all the posts end up in Outlook.  Additionally, I use Lookout to index all of the feed so that I can do targeted searches across months of valuable posts all within Outlook! 

b) Understanding XML is key to Office development nowadays.  Aaron Skonnard and Martin Gudgin have a good reference book called Essential XML Quick Reference that covers many of the XML specifications and can be downloaded for freePriscilla Walmsley‘s book, Definitive XML Schema is also superb.   Finally, the W3C also has a great XML schema primer.

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