On recording a Visual How-To for the MSDN folks.

I’d like to thank the the MSDN team for giving me a crack at creating a few Visual How-To’s for their site.  If you’ve ever seen me present, you know that I have a very off-the-cuff style of presenting.  My presentations are usually demo heavy and while things usually don’t go perfectly, you’ll generally be able to leave the presentation knowing what happened and why.  I like to think I’m good at presenting.

Having said that, I’m discovering that while I’m definitely made for the stage, film is another beast entirely.  All of a sudden all of those little goofs that are perfectly acceptable in a live demo stand out like a sore thumb in a WMV file.  Naturally, I’ll try to fix them, so I go back and edit just that part of the video but magically my voice turns out louder or the mouse jumps or (because I forgot to hide my task bar) I magically move forward and then backward in time between my edits.  It was soooo much harder to get right than presenting.  I was quite suprised, so, if you see a visual How-To that you particularly like, be sure to track down the auther and send him/her some Kudo’s for their hard work 🙂

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