Today, at 6am Eastern time, Microsoft announced the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint.  We’re particularly excited about this, as we’ve spent the last few months building it!

PKS is freely available on codeplex.  It allows you to use MOSS as a podcasting platform.  Users can upload documents/podcasts/videocasts along with secondary files.  This is great if you want to store your sample code, documentation, etc. along with your podcast.  Folks can rate, comment and download the content or just watch the video directly on the details page!

I think one of the biggest wins of the kit was using as much out-of-the-box WSS/MOSS technology as we possibly could: Content Types, SPD Workflows, MasterPages, etc…  Having said that, we did have to go above and beyond in a few areas.  For example, the ratings & commenting component has its own database as does the download tracking.  Furthermore, we’re not storing the video files in a list.  We’re instead using an event handler to pull them out and store them on disk.  We’ve also got a funky SIlverlight file uploader as well as a Silverlight video player that is embedded in the podcast details page.

It is definitely worth taking a look at all of the cool stuff in this kit.  One note of warning – this is an early release with its fair share of bugs.  The team worked very hard to get this out of the door and I promise you that we’ll continue to work hard in the coming weeks to squish as many of those bugs as we can!