Please Expect Delivery Within 3-5 Weeks

GeneriCo is live!  Go order your DVD today.  Normally, with these things, you have to pay for shipping, but with GeneriCo, it’s free!

If you’ve heard me speak over the past 6 months, you’ve probably heard me mention the smart client solution we built with Office System (complete with PAG blocks, Outlook Add-ins, VSTO, XML, and more). It was a hard proof of concept to pull off in the time we had, but we did it and now you get all of the source code!

Here’s what you get (according to the web site):

The Connected Systems Business Kit documents applications that leverage the network to link the actors and systems that drive business processes. Connected systems pull together a constellation of services and devices, to more effectively meet modern day business challenges. Building connected systems requires a comprehensive enterprise software platform, but also a new service-oriented architectural approach to address the integration imperative. The Connected Systems Business Kit includes the tools to get you started. Here you will find the following resources for Architects, Developers, and IT Professionals:

· Recorded presentations
· White papers
· Training materials
· Analyst evidence
· Sample applications
· Customer evidence
· Business value information

Notice it’s not big on the Office marketing?  The Office System smart client is just one of the solutions on the DVD!  You also get an SOA with BTS, SharePoint, 2 SQL DBs and, of course, source code for everything.  Plus, you know, stuff like “Analyst evidence” whatever that is ;^)

Have fun coding!

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