Pre-Migration Clean Up

I can’t say enough about cleaning up your current environment before you migrate.  There are many customer who have been using SharePoint for years and have forgotten what has been deployed into their environment. It’s important to know what has been deployed and if it’s not needed in the future environment, remove it. Here are a few tools and commands that I’ve used in the past to help with this.

I love the command STSADM -o enumallwebs

This command scans your environment ( by database ) and for each site and sub site, it identifies all features, setupfiles, webparts, eventreceivers, and customlistviews.

This command gives you a lot of the information that the preupgradecheck did for SharePoint 2007.  Since SharePoint 2010 no longer has the preupgradecheck, this command does what you need.  There is no PowerShell equivalent.  However, I’ve seen a PowerShell script that someone has written – you can find it here if you’re curious.  I haven’t tested it out yet.

For those who are not familiar with stsadm -o enumallwebs here’s the syntax:

Stsadm -o enumallwebs

     [ -databasename <database name>]
     [ -databaseserver <database server name>]
     [ -includefeatures ]
     [ -includesetupfiles ]
     [ -includewebparts ]
     [ -includeeventreceivers ]
     [ -includecustomlistview ]

Another tool that comes in handy is a CodePlex tool called FeatureAdmin.

This tool helps by removing faulty features that may not have been cleanly uninstalled, or features that you need to remove but can’t determine where they are activated.


SharePoint Manager is another handy CodePlex tool that allows you to browse sites and view properties. 

This is extremely handy when you need to view any property available in the Object Model.


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