For a few recent projects our customers had asked to change the behavior associated with clicking the site logo of a SharePoint 2013 site. By default, when a user clicks the site logo of a subsite, for example, then that user is redirected to that site’s home page. Instead, our customers wanted the behavior such that the redirect was to the site collection home page.

Fortunately for us, someone else had dealt with a similar request and identified a simple solution. Many thanks to the I Am Sam blog and specifically this post, which explains how to update the <SharePoint:SPSimpleSiteLink> element in your master page. This is a relatively painless workaround to a common request.

One item not mentioned in the post is the fact that, for subsites using the team site template, you need to ensure that the SharePoint Server Publishing feature is activated, as shown in the following screen shot:

SharePoint Server Publishing Feature