Setting the Wiki Home Page

When you create a new MOSS 2007 wiki page library, there are always two pages added by default: Welcome to your wiki library and How to use this wiki library. The former is assigned the ./Home.aspx URL and is the default home page for the library:

This page is nice to have as a general resource, but I prefer to use something more relevant to the wiki main topic as a default home page. Changing the default home page, however, is not intuitive. There is no option to change the home page on the library settings page or on any of the list item properties pages. The home page must be named Home, and you cannot edit the Name property for this page. There is probably an easier way, but I use the following procedure to change the default home page for a wiki library:

  1. In the wiki page library, click the Edit menu for the Home page and click Delete.
  2. Click New | New Wiki Page.
  3. On the New Wiki Page page, type Home in the Name box, and enter content in the Wiki Content rich text field, as shown in the figure below. When you are done adding content, click Create.

If you are interested in preserving the content of the original home page, you could copy that content to Microsoft Office Word before deleting the page. Then, just create a new page—named something other than Home—and copy the content from your Office Word document back into the Wiki Content rich text field.

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