SharePoint Connections Fall 2008

The fall event for SharePoint Connections 2008 is a little more than a month away from now (November 10–13 in Las Vegas). Once again, I am lucky enough to be one of the speakers, and my sessions are as follows:

  • Developing InfoPath Client-Only Forms for SharePoint — This session explores many of the form designer capabilities for InfoPath client-only solutions.
  • Developing InfoPath Browser Forms for SharePoint — This session explains some of the limitations in working with InfoPath Forms Services and discusses ways to optimize browser forms using out-of-the-box and managed code techniques.
  • Adding Codeless Workflows to InfoPath Form Solutions — This session identifies how you can integrate codeless workflows into SharePoint form solutions.

It should be a great event, and I look forward to meeting many of you there.

3 thoughts on “SharePoint Connections Fall 2008

  1. I was not able to get to this year’s Sharepoint conference, but I think your presentations would have been right up my alley. We are currently investigating Infopath forms for our company and would be quite interested to hear the content you presented at the conference. Might the slides or a recording of your talks be online anywhere?

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