SharePoint Connections Revisited

Many thanks go out to all who attended my sessions last week at SharePoint Connections. You helped make the presentations lively by asking a lot of good questions. One question in particular that surfaced multiple times concerned the migration of SharePoint sites. In the past we have used the approach described here to back up and later restore sites in different locations. If you go with this approach, note that there may be some manual setup steps required to get the new site fully operational (for example, hard-coded links may need to be updated).

Also, I noticed that the managed-code examples for my last presentation about the building permit application did not make it into the conference DVD. So, if you are interested, you can download the Visual Studio code snippets here. The first three snippets are for calculating a duration between a start and end date and then updating the corresponding Duration node within the Changed events for the two date nodes. The last code snippet shows how you compare the current user’s logon to a known logon and then set the default view accordingly in the form’s Loading event.

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