SharePoint/Word Form Solutions

I have written a lot in this space about Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 form solutions. The building permit application solution that I described last year was an example of using InfoPath in an end-to-end scenario with no custom code. I have also authored a white paper that shows how to extend InfoPath form solutions with VSTA or VSTO 2005 SE.

Over the past few months, my attention has shifted to using Microsoft Office Word 2007 as a form application. As is the case with Office InfoPath 2007, end-to-end Office Word 2007 form solutions can be developed almost entirely with out-of-the-box functionality. In the next few weeks, I will explain how to build a codeless time-off request form solution that uses Office Word 2007 in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The description of this solution will be divided into four parts:

  • Part 1: Creating a Content Type
  • Part 2: Building a Word Template with Content Controls
  • Part 3: Adding a Document Information Panel
  • Part 4: Associating a Workflow

The purpose of this four-part write-up is not to do a compare/contrast between Office InfoPath 2007 and Office Word 2007 form solutions. Both applications have their strengths and weaknesses, and I am not endorsing one over the other. I was just hoping to share an easy form-development experience for an application that is familiar to many users.

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