SOL 340 – Office Solution Architecture…

Thanks to everyone who stayed late in the day on Friday to catch my talk on Office Solution Architecture.  I really appreciate the fact that you guys had planes to catch, movies to watch, and headaches (from 3 straight days of raw data fed into your brains) and you still sat through an hour of me yammering away on Office :^)

For those of you who missed it, if you caught David Hill‘s presentation on smart clients earlier in the week, you got an overview of what GeneriCo is.

During the presentation, I mentioned a few people.  Andrew Whitechapel, who knows more about managed code add-ins than anyone else on the planet, wrote a great book about it as well as a nice article for the budget conscious folks in the audience.  If haven’t done any thinking about the security involved in these solutions, you must read Peter Torr’s blog posts on the subject.  Sadly, he’s since left the VSTO team for another, but that doesn’t change the fact that this guy really knows his stuff :^)

The FabriKam documentation is already posted on MSDN, but the DVD is still coming.  I promise that I’ll let you know as soon as it ships!

GeneriCo is shipping next Friday (2/7/2004) at (This link will point somewhere else until next week).

Finally, here is my slide deck exactly as shown this afternoon.  Special thanks to Silver Fox for doing what they could to make it presentable.  They informed me that, sadly, they didn’t have enough time to make my architectural diagrams presentable.  I hope you’ll all forgive me :^)


Have fun coding and a safe trip home!

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