TacTile V2.4 Update Available

Now that we have formally released 3Sharp TacTile, we have updated the offering with customer requested features and a TacTile Installer.

We are rolling out three new tile features in TacTile V2.4.

Tile Scroll Bar

By default, on tiles where documents or items are listed, the display is limited to a subset of items that fit vertically within the tile. Unless you click the title link for the tile, you will not see the full list of documents or items from the corresponding source library/list.

The Scrollable parameter adds a vertical scroll bar on the right side of the tile to give users more visibility into library/list content directly from a tile.

Scroll bar in IE

Scroll bar in Chrome

Tile Gradient

TacTile supports company branding with background images on tile pages and adjusting foreground/background colors on tiles.

The GradientColor parameter works with the Background Color field to add a gradient fill to tiles, a nice UI feature commonly seen on Web sites and intranet portals.

Green – dark to light

Blue – dark to light

Promoted Links – No Title

Got a Promoted Links list? Want to display just the pictures on a tile without the title bar at the bottom?

The Promoted Links tile now supports an optional NoTitle parameter. When NoTitle is set to True, the tiles of the promoted links list items will not display on the tile; instead the picture completely fills the tile.

Promoted Links tile – with Title

Promoted Links tile – without Title

TacTile Installer

The TacTile Installer is a set of PowerShell scripts that streamline the TacTile installation process by:

  1. Activating the necessary SharePoint site collection and site features.
  2. Uploading the TacTile files to the the following libraries:
    • Style Library
    • List Templates
    • Master Pages

By automating these installation features, adding TacTile to your site collection takes minutes as opposed to hours, allowing you to quickly move your SharePoint implementation into the spotlight and engage your visitors immediately!

Interested in learning more?

Feel free to schedule a demo by booking a 30-minute call.

You can also get more informatoin by downloading our solution brief.

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