Tech Ed – Wednesday Report

Now that my presentations are over, I’ve been able to relax enough to check out some sessions.  I’m glad that they scheduled me for early in the conference.  Btw, thanks to everyone who gave me feedback.  I really appreciated the kind comments.

Yesterday morning, I dragged myself out of bed a little later than I was planning, but was still able to make the 2nd half of John Durant‘s presentation on Programming Microsoft Office Word XML Solutions.  John has amazing amounts of energy.  His ability to pick a few topics and just drill his point home in an extremely engaging way is very impressive.

I then just hung out in the cabana’s for a while & chatted with people about XML & Office programming.  I’m psyched to see all of the creative ways these technologies are being used.

I also had to check out Charles Maxson‘s session on Programming Microsoft Office Excel XML Solutions.  (Do you see a pattern here?).  Charles was great, as always, and his demos were really polished.  Next time, Charles, I would appreciate it if you could tone them down a bit so mine don’t look so sloppy :^)  Charles made all the content available on his blog so you can follow along at home.

Finally, John and Charles were gracious enough to invite me in to help panel their cabana talk.  The three of us chatted with about 20 people all about their solutions surrounding Office 2003, XML and VSTO – very cool stuff!  We even had special guest appearances by Paul Stubbs and Joe Andreshak.

One thought on “Tech Ed – Wednesday Report

  1. Thanks a bunch John. I’ll be presenting the Programming Word XML Solutions and the Programming Excel XML Solutions at TechEd Europe in a couple of weeks time. Of course it’s great that the content is good, but it sounds like I will have one heck of a job living up to Charles’ and John’s delivery.

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