TechEd Presentation: CLI319 (complex LOB solutions with Office)

I’m about an hour away from delivering session number two down in HOT & HUMID Orlando.  Here is the rather long list of links that I am going to make reference to!

4 thoughts on “TechEd Presentation: CLI319 (complex LOB solutions with Office)

  1. so, you hardly scratched the surface in the session. way too much backtracking to the previous day’s session for me. luckily, you’ve linked to 40+ hours worth of reading, so i’m good for the rest of the week. 🙂

  2. I hear you! It was so hard to try to fit all of that in. Someone afterward suggested that it would have been better as a day long pre/post conference session. If that was the case, we could have spent 1-2 hours on the intro stuff and then 3-4 drilling into some of the cooler features of the solutions. Fortunately, you’ve got all the code, so you can drill down into it to your heart’s content!

  3. John, I’m having trouble getting the Fabrikam Platform Components to work within our SharePoint dev environment. Specifically, how do you build/install the web services (like the AduserdataWS), so that htey can be used within InfoPAth? I have to tell you, I am more a SharePoint/Web Administrator than a programmer.

    Any detailed instructions on how to install/build and use the FPCs would be very helpful. If it would be better to email me instructions, my email is (have mercy on me, I’m just a sharepoint admin for a state agency ! LOL)


    John McCaffrey

  4. Hi John,

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any instructions on how to migrate the FabriKam code out of the image. The solutions were really meant to stimulate developers’ imaginations and provide some base code for developing a new solution. I’ll be sure to pass your request on to MS. Perhaps we can create the type of documentation you’re looking for!

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