Here at 3Sharp, as we start our countdown to Ignite 2017, we are an office full of busy bees. It is crunch time as we prepare to get our clients show-ready. We figured it would be a good idea to help others who are in the same boat. From now through Ignite, we will be sharing our knowledge in posts to help you elevate your own sales demos and up your sales game.

Let’s start out with a quick peek into what a sales demo is. We’re pretty sure everyone is familiar with the concept of showing a product to a customer – whether it is a digital product or a food sample at Costco. But where further definition may be needed is what it means to show a demo for the purpose of winning a customer. Enter the sales demo.


A sales demo is much more than simply show and tell.

A sales demo must have a wow-factor while still being grounded in relatable proofing. When presenting a sales demo, you must have the right balance of tech-speak and marketing lingo. And most importantly, you must prove value that actually applies to your customer. Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it?

How can you wrap all of this into a demo?

In a recent post from our Demo Wizards, John Peltonen, one of 3Sharp’s founding partners, recommends that you focus on the potential customer’s problem and tell the story of how your solution can be the resolution to those problems.


“By telling a concise & compelling narrative in your sales demo, your product will be more memorable and you will be more likely to leave a positive impression with your prospect.”

The process of creating a sales demo is an art in and of itself. Over the next couple weeks, we will dive deeper into what it takes to create exceptional sales demos. Keep an eye on this space for more as we get closer to Ignite!