Accounting and Professional Services

Accounting and Professional Services

Microsoft SharePoint and Office applications for accounting and professional services enable these firms to share information with employees in an organized manner that makes information available as needed, or maintains appropriate security. Such custom accounting systems are easy for your employees to use, because these are similar to the Microsoft Office applications they understand already.

SharePoint and Office applications also increase employee productivity, which reduces costs and improves revenues with a variety of document generation features:

  • Create custom accounting reports by importing selected information automatically from other sources, such as databases and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Create complex Excel, PowerPoint, and Office documents for your clients, internal use, or to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Set up information common to specific document types, such as a form letter or reports created as complex Word documents, so that only the custom information needs to be filled in.

The Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint and Office Applications for Professional Services

Microsoft SharePoint and Office applications provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce the time it takes to generate large documents with an automated program to create documents.
  • Allow users to create documents by picking from dynamic lists of options.
  • Increase document accuracy and compliance.
  • Improve corporate or departmental control over document formats, content, quality, and consistency.
  • Reduce frustration for document creators.
  • Leverage IT investments by using existing technology.

3Sharp’s Custom Solutions

3Sharp’s custom accounting solutions can help accounting and professional services firms be more responsive to clients’ needs and increase productivity. We have designed intranets and specific applications for many accounting and consulting firms, including:

  • Ameriprise
  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young
  • Milliman
  • Perkins Coie

Here are some examples of how 3Sharp’s custom solutions have helped professional services firms:

  • At a financial services firm, thousands of agents created long, complex documents selling financial products. The documents had to be customized for each customer, although the information originated from a set of some 80 standard products. To comply with governmental regulations, the documents needed to contain comprehensive information about each product presented to the customer and maintain corporate trademarks. To streamline the document production process, 3Sharp built a system in Word that allowed agents to generate these documents by choosing a few options from a list. Lengthy documents were then quickly created. The agents then edited the documents, as needed, to tailor the information to each customer, but the critical areas were protected from changes.
  • A global accounting firm required that all auditors perform audits based on strict controls. This required standardized inputs and outputs. The firm also wanted the auditors to use Microsoft Office tools and make changes that did not conflict with company policies. 3Sharp built a flexible system that was deployed to thousands of users in over 80 countries.