Software Publishers

Software Publishers

By using effective methods for software and systems integration through Microsoft SharePoint development, software publishers can deliver their solutions to customers quickly and easily. Application integration middleware allows customers to connect to a portal where they can download software products, documentation, and other resources. They can also view and download videos and enjoy other types of rich media posted at the software publishers’ websites.

The Benefits of SharePoint Software Integration for Software Publishers

Integration with other software in SharePoint provides the following benefits for software publishers:

  • Increases the value of your applications through SharePoint’s powerful integration features, resulting in higher customer adoption rates.
  • Integrates your applications with your customers’ business processes and portals.
  • Seamlessly takes advantage of SharePoint systems that provide appropriate branding, security, and broad accessibility.
  • Saves development time by taking advantage of native SharePoint application integration software features.
  • Improves your image with your customers and your customers’ employees.

3Sharp’s Custom Solutions

3Sharp helps software publishers integrate their specialized applications into SharePoint, which enables your customers to access the information they need in the formats they want. We have integrated applications for many ISVs, including:

  • GE Intelligent Platforms
  • Kontiki
  • Pingar
  • Rockwell Automation

We can also help with SharePoint 2013 integrations and upgrades.

Here are some examples of 3Sharp’s application integration solutions for software publishers:

  • Kontiki created a YouTube-like application that firms can use within their company firewalls. This SharePoint add-in allows corporate users to post, share, and rate video information easily using the SharePoint infrastructure already in place.
  • Pingar enables organizations to use SharePoint and create appropriate metadata in large uncategorized document libraries to speed search.