Microsoft Ignite 2016 Expo Floor Support

Microsoft provides a showcase area in their annual expo, giving customers the opportunity to engage directly with product teams. The showcase includes booths representing over 150 Microsoft technologies and products. Each booth contains at least one station for live demos, some of which include mobile stations equipped with tablets and smart phones. All-in-all, 108 devices needed to be configured to run live demos and secured on a daily basis during this week long conference.

Our fantastic live event support team jumped into action with inventory, demo knowledge and device management skills! We shipped 3 of our most valuable team members to work side-by-side with Microsoft booth managers on the expo floor. We were responsible for securing the mobile devices, configuring and resetting the demo stations each day and on-the-spot tech support.

Project Details

Client Microsoft

Date September 2016
Team 3 on-site experts

Skills On-site support, demo station setup, device configuration

Early bird gets the worm.

We sent our best of the best to help booth managers with on-site, pre-event setup to ensure their demos and devices were operating in tip top shape!

Devices, devices and more devices!

Our largest device inventory to-date! We processed and configured over 108 devices on the expo floor this year.

All hands on deck.

In the days before the expo was set to open, we had all hands on deck helping to configure devices. Even our founding partners stopped in for some device fun between keynote prep sessions.

Getting hands-on.

Hands-on at every station. Literally. Microsoft gives their customers the opportunity to get in and play with their software live on the expo floor. Every station had at least one hands-on device.

Conversations with the experts.

On-site support through the expo and extended networking happy hours allowed even more time for quality customer interaction.

Go big or go home.

Included on the floor were live demos on Microsoft Surface Hubs and their 70″ touchscreens.

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