Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Demo Provisioning Platform

Microsoft wanted to enable their vast sales team and Partners to share the same value props for EMS across thousands of customer demos. But manually creating environments with real-world enterprise scenarios was too time consuming for salespeople, and led to inconsistent messaging between customers.

Microsoft partnered with 3Sharp to create a demo provisioning platform built off the latest automation technology, and customized around the most up-to-date Microsoft marketing material. At launch, the platform supported four major Azure products (Azure Active Directory, Intune, Cloud App Security, Azure Information Protection), with over 20 different guide assets to support users.

Project Details

Client Microsoft

Date June 2016
Team 2 Developers, 2 Content Writers, 1 Project Manager

Skills Custom development, demo script creation, scalable deployment

Environments Created

Work Hours Saved

Customer Demos Delivered

Getting the message.

3Sharp worked with four separate product marketing managers to acquire the most up-to-date language and scenarios for showing off their latest innovations.

Leveling the field.

Ensured that every sales person leveraging the provisioning service would get the same amazing content and functionality as the most advanced sales engineer.

Keeping it fresh.

Products change, and the guidance needs to stay current. 3Sharp continues to meet with product managers monthly to ensure the latest functionality and messaging is out there for everyone.

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