Technical storytelling through data visualizations.

Microsoft wanted to tell a story about a startup and their use of Office 365 to find data insights and run their business better. Knowing our ability to provide meaningful methods of technical storytelling through data visualizations, Microsoft reached out and asked if we could help. We were happy to work with the startup to build some powerful graphics for a video spotlight.

Getting to know Dash.

We were excited to engage with Jamyn & Brian and their team over at Dash. Likewise, they were excited about learning new ways to consume their data with the bonus of having some great things to show potential investors.

To kick things off, they gave us access to millions of rows of their data (which had been stripped of any personal information) and we helped them build dynamic charts and data visualizations using Excel 3D Maps.

On-site and spot on.

Our team member, Richard, got an airplane and flew out their office to consult, and customize their visuals. Overall, it was an amazing experience collaborating with Microsoft, Dash, and the entire production crew to create amazing content.

One of our favorite things to do here at 3Sharp is work with Microsoft’s branding team.

Project Details

Client: Microsoft
Date: January 2016
Team: 1 on-site O365 consultant
Skills: On-site support, device configuration, data visualization build out

Data visualizations created using Microsoft Excel 3D Maps.

Let’s get visual.

We were able to build stunning visualizations to help bring DASH’s data to life with Microsoft Excel 3D Maps.

Making movie magic.

Take a look at the final product with seamless inclusion of technology demos and data visualization to help tell a compelling story.

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