A Leading Financial Services Company

A Leading Financial Services Company

Deploys Open XML solution to automate creation of legally compliant, data-driven financial plans


One of 3Sharp’s recent clients is a Fortune 300 financial services company with a 110-year track record of helping people manage money by creating and implementing customized financial plans. Our client needed to ensure that financial plans created by their staff complied with corporate legal guidelines. The plans needed a uniform look and feel, including correct use of all brand logos and presentation formats. The company also wanted to reduce the time spent retrieving data and generating financial planning documents, thus enabling planners to focus on helping their customers create and implement these plans.


Financial planning document

The company engaged 3Sharp to develop a document generation solution using Microsoft® Word 2007 and Open XML file formats. This solution fully automated the creation of complex, 80+ page documents, including custom charts and graphs generated directly from data contained in external databases and financial modeling tools. The solution was deployed to 18,000 desktop computers throughout the company. Adoption and positive feedback have exceeded expectations.

Key features of the solution include:

  • Documents pull information from six different line-of-business (LOB) servers to highlight products that can be purchased.
  • Financial advisors interact only with the client-specific data needed to build planning documents.
  • Content controls to:
    • Identify and navigate the logical document sections (as seen on the reorder task pane)
    • Expose specific data in XML payload documents (e.g., to keep one definitive version of a customer name)
    • Prevent the user from editing server-side generated content, including legal and regulatory compliance text 


  • Time needed to build financial plan documents was reduced from days to minutes.
  • Documents automatically comply with legal and regulatory standards, and with corporate branding guidelines.
  • Financial planning document uses familiar Microsoft Word environment and Open XML data format​.


  • Microsoft® Office 2007
  • Open XML