Microsoft MACH Career Shadowing

Microsoft MACH Career Shadowing

A customized Office and SharePoint solution for Microsoft’s internal career shadowing program

 “The MACH Career Shadowing Tool has been fundamental in connecting our college hires with the ideal shadow partner for their development needs. 3Sharp helped us build an innovative solution for our unique program. They worked with our requirements and developed an elegant tool I am proud to deploy.”

Maryann Baumgarten, Global Curriculum Manager – MACH.


Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) is a talent development program within Microsoft designed to cultivate top university talent through specialized training and mentoring. In one aspect of the career development curriculum, “career shadowing,” a college hire can request a temporary mentoring relationship with a more experienced colleague.

Microsoft needed a structured process that enabled college hires to search for potential shadow partners according to their interests and career goals, and submit a request for a specific partner’s time. Based on criteria entered into the career shadowing request form, the software had to match hires with partners, reconcile available dates for each party, and track the request status. Finally, shadow partners needed to be able to opt in or out of the program for specific time periods.


In a one-month engagement, 3Sharp designed and deployed:

  • An InfoPath 2010 browser form that allowed senior employees to make themselves available for the MACH program, and opt out as needed for specific time periods. The form also identifies the mentor’s top three skill sets, languages, and geographical location. This metadata makes it easier for a junior employee to find a suitable match.
  • An InfoPath 2010 browser form that allows junior employees to search for available mentors and request career-shadowing time.
  • SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows that send email notification messages to MACH participants and mentors, and update SharePoint list items with status and availability information.


Connects talent across the world through a web browser. The integrated MACH solution provides these benefits:

  • Conveniently captures all pertinent data in easy-to-use forms.
  • Enables college hires to select an appropriate shadow partner based on their unique needs
  • Organizes and optimizes time engagement.
  • Assists partners with automatic prompts to complete forms and respond to one another. 

Technologies Demonstrated

  • Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 
  • Microsoft InfoPath® 2010 forms for data capture 
  • SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows for automating notification and status updates